What’s in the Box -1 Kings 8:9

The Ark of the Covenant was Israel’s most prized object. In fact, it was the only object that held absolute reverence across the nation. Why? Because it was where God would meet them and accept sacrifices for sin. This was a visible reminder of the “agreement” that God had made with His people. In the time of Moses, three items were placed in the Ark

  • 2 stone tablets containing the commandments
  • Aaron’s staff that blossomed
  • A jar of manna

Aaron served as the first High Priest of God and the speaker for Moses when they approached the Pharaoh. But he did in the wilderness before the nation of Israel entered into the promised land.

Manna was the strange food (manna literally means “what is it”) that God rained down from the sky during the 40 year journey of Israel through the wilderness. But manna stopped coming after the nation ate of the produce from the promised land.

Aaron was the High Priest who represented the people before God in terms of dealing with there sin. He offered a sacrifice, but he could not absolve sin. He did not live forever

Manna was the sustenance God provided in the wilderness , to get the nation of Israel to the promised land. It was not the abundance that was promised, just a means to get them to the abundance.

Out of these three things, only the stone tablets remained in Solomon’s time. Why?

The manna and the staff had served their function. They were not needed in the promised land, but the Law of God was still needed. It continued its function as a guide and a tutor to point men to the recognition that we can’t keep the Law.  That there has to be something more. That something is really someone…and his name is Jesus.  

Just as the staff and the manna were no longer included in the “chest of agreement”, there will come a day when the stone tablets will no longer be needed. Jesus will be present, ruling and reigning. No need for tablets of stone or even a golden chest …we will have the Living Word.  All covenants (agreements) kept.

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