The Terrible “Too” -2 Chronicles 16

Asa is a King of Judah who tore down idols, restored correct worship in the Temple, rallied the people to seek the Lord. In his the early part of his reign he was opposed by an army easily four times as large as his own. He cried out to God directly saying that “no one but you can help then powerless against the mighty…. help us for we trust in you alone”. And the scripture says that they Lord answered him and gave me him the victory. Later in his reign, he was again opposed by an army…but this time he paid another kingdom to attack his enemy. The scripture for today is a message from a prophet to Asa about his actions.

We are no different from Asa. We will bring God the tough problems, the ones that we obviously don’t have an answer for. But the smaller issues? That another thing entirely. We causes us to rely on God sometimes and rely on other resources at other times? It could be the terrible “toos”

Too Little?

One of the reasons we don’t take “everything to the Lord in prayer” is that we judge the size of the problem is being too little for God. We have heard the portion of scripture that asks “is anything too difficult for the Lord”, but perhaps we need to also ask “is there anything too easy..”. There is no higher limit on God’s power /intervention and there is not a lower limit either. He can calm a child as easy as He can cure cancer. Our dependence on God should not be based on the difficulty of the problem

Too Proud?

Another reason we don’t take all things to God is because we think we can handle it ourselves. We are too proud to ask for or consult God. This is related to the problems “degree of difficulty” but it’s based on our pride. It’s the confidence in ourselves versus the relying on God. We can figure it out, we can get it done, just do it. Its that same pride that keeps us from relying completely on God and seeing a complete victory.

Too Late?

There is a tendency to wait to until the bottom is ready to drop out. We exhaust every other option before looking to God for help. God is looking to support people who rely on Him. He will not force His help on anyone. He will let you struggle until you ask for help. So will you? It’s not too late.

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