Fear leads to anger

I can’t help it , I have been bitten by the Star Wars bug. That being said, I have spent some time trying to explain the last two movies to my children (with the obligatory Yoda impersonations, of course). The first movie is about nothing…..well essentially nothing other than trying to get certain people in the right places. I’m wondering if the Sith had more control over the director of the film than anyone realized. Anyway, the second movie is about lies and deception (“and a certain point of view”) ,still manipulating people. But everything starts with fear. The Trade Federation fear of the Jedi, the fear of the people of Naboo, Anakin’s fear/worry concerning his mother, etc. I say this because my reading for the day took me to 1 & 2 Samuel. In these two books we see two kings contrasted, one who fears man and one who fears God. Saul (1st King) fears the opinion of people (1 Sam 15:24) and because of his fear, knows that he will lose the kingdom. The fear Saul had quickly turns to anger when he recognizes the people’s favor has passed him (1 Sam 18:7-9). In time , Saul’s fear totally consumed him. He spent an enormous amount of time trying to delay the inevitable…. to no avail. He even went to Endor (no, not the moon) to seek otheworldly advice, but he only heard the same thing. It all goes back to fear. Saul allowed it to control him. Anakin will alow it to transform him into something that he had not forseen. What will we allow it to do to us?


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