Complex prayer practice- Step 1

Do you have something that you want to say?  Something that you just need to get off of your chest?  Do the words inside seem like they are ready to just burst out of your chest?
Do me a favor, just talk.  Out loud.  Really.  The people in the car next to you won’t care (they’ll care that you’re reading someones blog on your phone while driving, but they won’t care if you talk out loud.)  
Do me another favor….tell God about it.  Sounds weird , i know.  
-Speak to Him like you would a close friend….no wait, speak to Him like you’re absolutely desperate for someone to hear you.
-Don’t wait for the “best time” to talk. Just bust down the door and start talking.
-Don’t hold back…I have a feeling He knows anyway.
-Be honest about how you feel. 
Last favor.. I promise (at least for the short duration of this blog)
– Don’t look for the lightning.
– Don’t wait on the wind.
– Don’t feel for the thunder or the earthquake.
Listen for the still, small, quiet, comforting, Voice of the only one who could possibly under how you feel at the moment.
Try it , what do you have to lose?

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