Discipleship in 3 Words

“Come follow Me” Jesus speaks these words to individuals throughout His ministry.
“Come” invites us to move from where we are, to literally get out of the boat. This is an invitation to relationship.
“Follow” helps us understand that this is a journey, not a destination. It doesn’t tells us where we will be going , only that we will need to travel to get there. This is a declaration of work
“Me” gives us focus. No matter how hard, or long the journey; if we focus on being with Him, we’ll get there. Not only that , Jesus Himself will show us how to walk as He walks with us. This is a confirmation of fellowship.
To sum it up: Discipleship is a relationship journey that requires us to trek great distance with Jesus as he both leads, walks beside, and even carries us in the Way
Amazing what we can get from three words…..


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