It’s just like falling off a bike….

I think i made a mistake. Actually , i’m pretty sure i made a mistake. The mistake was revealing that i use this blog as a substitute for journaling on a regular basis.  Not everything i write about gets published, but the comment sent some curious people looking for the site. The site was found and found wanting (at least by me).  Several posts detailing how i was starting over , revamping, redefining….all buzzwords for “I started a blog because i wanted to says some meaningful things but don’t have enough discipline to do it on a consistent basis”.

Now that i have admitted to my error, I’m setting a new goal of posting at least one entry a month.  There will be old drafts mixed in with new writings …..and hopefully a few good discussions along the way. The purpose is still the same , to record some of my journey and help other folks along the way


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