The Call- Chapter 4 “Everyone, Everywhere , Everything”

The beginning of this chapter talks about William Wilberforce. Who?  Exactly.  If it weren’t for a little film with a short run in the theater, I probably wouldn’t know who he was. In an era where pictures were scarce and the content of a person’s mind was more important than their appearance….Wilberforce was still a bit on the ugly side.  His cause was just but he did not have the personal aura that would draw men to his cause. Wilberforce kept at it , diligent to the core.  The only time he faltered was after his conversion when he felt the pull of the “ministry ” over “politics”.

I want to stop for a moment and ask a question: What happens if he abandons his previous course as a politician/reformer and jumps over to the ministry?

  • Slave trade continues to bolster the English economy but bankrupt the English people morally.
  • The French Revolution movement is not held in check and spills over into England.

Some of this could be labelled conjecture but the point is that William did not quit his post, in fact he redoubled his efforts.  Why did he do this?  William had someone in his life who pointed out the necessity of having men and women in the world who will be God led in the most godless  of times.  In the necessity is an idea that says that the “high calling” on ones life is not decided by how much a person is spending at church but more along the lines of how is a person taking the church to the world


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