This is the end……of this year

Call it what you want a year end review, the best of 2016, or ” how i managed to get through this year without consuming huge amounts of alcohol”….this is the time of year where we take a long look back and determine the following:

  • What did i get done?
  • What didn’t i get done?
  • What should I have done?
  • What will i continue doing?


I’m not going to lie, i really have a hard time determine if something is actually done.  There is always one more line of code, one more verse to look up, one more slide to add to the presentation, one more lesson to teach.  I’m not talking about that type of done.  What did you learn?  What lesson was taught that the light finally came on and you realized what God has been to show you? My wife and I talked at the beginning of this year and we knew it was going to be a hard year.  The road ahead looked difficult (from what we could see…to say nothing of what would happen).  Looking back, the only thing i can say that i got “done” was walking through it. Through what?  Loss.  As one of my daughters put it: “Dad, we’ve taken a lot of L’s this year”.  Whether it was personal loss , financial loss,  electoral loss , etc….you learn about about a person, about yourself  through loss.  You learn about the security of your relationships. You learn about the validity of your relationships. You come face to face with your own inadequacy and just how much you have to lean of someone besides yourself.  I leaned heavily on my wife , my friends….but at the end of the day, I had to collapse in the hands of the Father.



The proverb encourages us to trust God…why?  Because we would rather run things ourselves.  When we take a hold of the controls, we have a tendency to travel along the well worn paths.  These are the ones with little hazard and even less challenge.  That’s why we are asked to seek the will (read Way ) of the Father.  God knows that the best path to take is not the smoothest but the one that will require you to …..depend on Him.

I wish i could say that leaning on God was easy.  But many people (Melissa, Shawn, Norma, Karen, Valeria, Pam, Shawn, Renee) who have experienced worse than me this year will tell you about the :

  • Difficulty (not for the weak)
  • Discipline (not for one day)
  • Reality (not theory )
  • Reward (not risk)


The end of this year is the beginning of another.  The end of your current struggle is the beginning of a deeper relationship with God. God has brought you this far, He’ll see you to the end.





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